The Benefits of Routine Maintenance for Your HVAC System

Manufacturers design HVAC systems to withstand years of steady use, and the climate in Wesley Chapel, FL, definitely puts that to the test. However, your equipment can only fulfill its life expectancy with your help. Here are four benefits of routine maintenance for your heating and cooling system.

Reduces Risk of Breakdowns

With mid-summer temperatures climbing into the 90s and winter temperatures dipping below 50, your HVAC system gets a workout combating the elements. Routine maintenance uncovers problem areas before they reach the critical stage of system failure. According to the Indoor Air Quality Association, routine maintenance lowers the risk of costly repairs by up to 95%.

Optimizes Efficiency

A primary benefit of routine maintenance is optimizing your equipment’s efficiency. A dirty, neglected system struggles to deliver conditioned air, consumes more energy, and costs more money. This struggle adds unnecessary wear and tear to components and leads to malfunctions and, ultimately, premature replacement of your system.

Improves Health

Neglecting your equipment allows the buildup and spread of dirt, pet dander, pollen, and other contaminants throughout your home. For example, a faulty AC unit that can’t maintain proper humidity levels promotes bacteria and other unhealthy pollutants. Routine maintenance removes these harmful particles that trigger allergies, asthma, and mildew growth.

Improves Comfort

Routine maintenance improves your comfort, physically and mentally. Fewer breakdowns, improved air quality, and a consistent flow of conditioned air transform your home into an inviting oasis. In addition, saving money on energy and repair bills and knowing you’re doing everything you can to ensure your HVAC system reaches a ripe old age gives you peace of mind.

The experts at Balanced Air have the skills to maintain all brands of HVAC equipment. Additionally, we offer affordable maintenance plans that make it easy to give your equipment the TLC it needs. To learn more about our Premier Service Agreement and how we can improve your comfort, check out our maintenance services or call us today.

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