Best Ways to Avoid a Failed Compressor in Your Air Conditioner

What is the essential component of your home’s air conditioning system? Okay, this is a bit of a trick question, because there are multiple components in an AC that are essential for it to function properly. But there’s one that deserves the “essential” title more than the others: the compressor. 

This is the device that places refrigerant under pressure so it will circulate through the rest of the system and go through the process of heat exchange. If it fails, it usually means the whole air conditioning system needs a replacement. The compressor is a pricy component, and it’s often not worth it to replace just the compressor.

So, if possible, you want to avoid a dead compressor in your AC. How can you do that? We have some advice that will help you keep your air conditioner around for as long as possible thanks to a healthy compressor.

Always schedule regular spring AC maintenance.

Hey, look at that! It’s spring right now. This is when we recommend you call us to arrange for your annual air conditioning maintenance appointment. Maintenance is the best way to ensure your AC works for as long as possible. Checking on the compressor and lubricating its motor is one of the important steps of AC maintenance, and there’s no better way to keep a compressor working at its best for many years.

Move fast to have refrigerant leaks repaired.

We advise you to never delay when it comes to scheduling any AC repair in Tampa, FL, since you risk the system failing and a more expensive repair later. But acting on refrigerant leaks is especially important since low refrigerant levels not only threaten the cooling capacity of the AC, they threaten the compressor. With low refrigerant, a compressor will eventually overheat and burn out, leaving you stuck with having to replace the whole unit.

Go easy on the AC during the heat.

Yes, you have an air conditioning system to keep you cool when the heat ramps up. But if you want to avoid the AC overheating and the compressor failing on you early, you have to make sure you don’t push the system too hard.

The best way to do this is not to lower the thermostat settings too far. We know it’s tempting to put the air conditioning system on full blast during a blistering August day, but it’s so much better for the AC (and your electric bills) if you raise the thermostat to as warm as you find comfortable. A good target is 78°F during the day when people are home. 

Have a hard-starting compressor repaired.

A compressor is hard starting when it struggles to start up (much like a car engine struggling to turn over). Hard starting can happen for several reasons, such as a faulty start capacitor, malfunctioning relay switch, a drop in electrical voltage, low refrigerant, or a worn-down compressor motor.

Whatever is causing it, you’ll want to have it fixed ASAP because it creates more strain on the compressor and can cause it to fail prematurely. Technicians can attach a hard start kit to the compressor to help it overcome this problem. 

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