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Air Purifiers Will Make Your Indoor Air Much Healthier This Summer

family-insde-homeYou’re going to spend more time indoors this summer than you usually do. This not only means it’s essential that you have a powerful and reliable air conditioning system to get you through the season, but you’ll also need to pay greater attention to the quality of the air circulating around your house. Chances are your indoor air quality is much worse than it should be. Although you can have air filtration systems help out to catch larger particles, for smaller pollutants you may need to look into air purifiers in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Won’t My Current Air Filter Do the Job?

If you’re referring to the air filter that’s already on your HVAC system, then the answer is no. That filter isn’t an air quality filter. It’s designed to protect the interior of the air conditioner and furnace from the dust and lint that comes through the return air ducts. When it comes to effectively cleaning the air for a healthier household, this filter does almost nothing to help. (It’s still important for you to change it regularly for a new one every one to three months, however, otherwise, it will lower the effectiveness and efficiency of the AC.)

What About Special Air Filtration Systems?

You can have our IAQ specialists install whole-house air filtration systems that can make tremendous improvements in the quality of the air. These are special mesh filters that trap unwanted pollutants in a mesh of fibers. They come in a range of strengths, measured as MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). Our team will find the right strength of filter to install so that the filtration system traps particles without creating blockage against the airflow. Too strong a filter is bad news for the HVAC system.

However, these filters won’t always trap all the harmful pollutants in your house. If there are pollutants, such as chemicals, smoke, bacteria, mold spores, odor molecules, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) moving through your house that the strongest filter available to you won’t stop, it’s time to look into air purifiers.

The Air Purifier Solution

Air purifiers and air filters aren’t an either/or situation: they are designed to work together. We recommend pairing air filters with air purifiers for the best indoor air quality offensive against pollutants. The filter traps the larger particles, while the air purifier targets the smaller particles that make it through.

There are different types of purifiers, and you can trust our technicians to find the one that is ideal for your house. The most common type of air purification system uses ionization: it charges unwanted particles in an electric field, then removes those particles by drawing them down to oppositely charged metal plates. Another common type of air purifier is the UV germicidal light, which kills or renders inert bacteria, mold spores, germs, viruses, and microbes.

When you have the right combination of air purifiers and air filters, you can have up to 99% of airborne pollutants removed from your household.

Experience the Balanced Air, Inc. Difference! Our technicians can help you find the best way to provide your family with clean and healthy air to breathe indoors.

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