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You Had AC Maintenance, Do You Need Heating Maintenance? (Yes!)

cold-house-warm-houseWe already answered the question right in the title. That’s because we don’t want there to be any misunderstanding about the importance of routine heating maintenance for a residential central heating system—even in a warm climate like what we experience in Tampa Bay. Taking your heater for granted year after year can leave you stuck with a major problem one day, and we want you to avoid that.

We find it’s not difficult to convince people to have AC maintenance in Wesley Chapel, FL each spring, although we still have to stress reminders. (We understand how easy it is to put off important “chores” like this, but they do need to be done.) It takes more work with heating maintenance, and we’re here to put in that work in this post. Below are your reminders of why heating maintenance is essential each year.


This is always Reason #1 because safety is always Priority #1 with a household. Natural gas heaters are common in homes, and to make sure they run safely they must have annual inspections from professionals to catch any possible malfunctions that can lead to gas leaks or combustion dangers. Electrical heating systems can pose safety threats as well from electrical fires. Please don’t take chances with your heating system.

Energy Efficiency

You may not run your heater as often as your air conditioner, but don’t you want your heater to not waste larger amounts of money when you need it? Of course, you want a heater that has the best possible energy efficiency, and maintenance helps to prevent a long decline in efficiency over the years. A heater can lose on average around 5% of its efficiency rating each year it misses maintenance, even if it isn’t being used often. 


That cold and rainy day has arrived—you need your heater! You turn it on and … nothing happens. This isn’t a situation you want to run into, but it’s much more likely to occur when you miss out on routine maintenance. Since you don’t often use the heater, you won’t be certain of how well it’s holding up until you really need it, or if you had it properly maintained in the fall.

Extended Service Life

A heater can last for many years in Florida weather because it won’t suffer as much work stress. But without maintenance, any heating system might have to retire years too early. You’ll get the most years of service from your initial investment in a home heating system when you schedule regular maintenance with professionals. 

Warranty Protection

Missing maintenance during the year can jeopardize the warranty for your heating system. Most manufacturers’ warranties are only in force if a system receives professional maintenance each year. A voided warranty can put you in a situation where you have to pay for a repair or full replacement that would otherwise be covered. 

Our Premier Service Agreement is the easy way to have heating and air conditioning maintenance done each year. Call us today to learn more about the program and to enroll.

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