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Why You Aren’t Getting Even Heating in Your House

airflow-diagramAlthough Florida doesn’t suffer from rough winter weather, proper heating for a home can still be a challenge. A problem that people often run into—and a problem you’re apparently having because you ended up at this blog post—is when the heating system runs, but it sends the heat around the house unevenly. Some rooms may be getting too hot, while others won’t warm up enough. Due to our mild winters, this can sometimes go undetected until the heating system is in serious trouble.

We’ll take a look at some of the reasons your house may be having this uneven heating trouble and see if you’ll need to schedule heating repair in Clearwater, FL, or maybe even a new heater installation. 

The heating system is the wrong size

We’ll start with one of the big reasons: the central heater you have installed in your home is not strong enough to manage your comfort needs. A mild winter may disguise this problem, but eventually, it will become clear that the heater isn’t powerful enough to deliver heat when you need it the most. This usually happens because of an amateur installation: professional contractors, like us, will always see that any central heater is sized accurately to provide even heating without unnecessary energy drain. The only “fix” for an undersized heating system is to replace it.

Faulty ductwork

The heater itself may be in good condition, but the problem is the ducts used to distribute the heated air around the rooms. Damaged and leaking ducts will cause cold spots around the house as they allow warm air to escape before it reaches its actual destination. If this is the issue, your ducts will need to be repaired.

Malfunctioning thermostat

This is among the most common causes of uneven heating. Your thermostat may begin to sense incorrect temperatures, which will lead it to either force the heater to run too long (creating hot spots) or make it shut down before it’s had time to send heat throughout the house (creating cold spots). Repair technicians can fix this by recalibrating the thermostat. For an older, manual thermostat, it may be better to have a new thermostat with precision features installed. 

Broken Zone Controls

If your house has zone controls installed that allows you to heat and cool parts of the house separately, a fault with the controls in the rooms or the dampers in the ductwork may cause uneven comfort. Technicians can make the necessary repairs to the zone controls to fix this.

Aging Heater

Uneven heating is a major sign that a central heating system is starting to fail because of its advanced age. As its heating capacity drops, not all the rooms will receive the same level of heated air delivered to them. If your system is more than 15-years-old, we recommend calling our experts to inspect it. If we can repair it cost-effectively, we will. Otherwise, we’ll recommend a replacement system.

You can always trust us to be truthful with you about your home heating needs. We take pride in our honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

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