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Last Chance for Heating Repairs? (Well, If You Need Them, Don’t Ignore Them!)

outdoors-winterWe know the title makes it sound as if this is the last chance you’ll ever have for heating repairs. Of course it’s not. Nor do we mean you should schedule heating repair in Clearwater, FL if your heating system is working fine and showing no signs of anything going wrong. (If there is, we’ll catch it during heating maintenance in the fall.) We just wanted to startle you a bit with a reminder that you should never ignore a heater in trouble, even if it’s late in the winter season. And yes, that includes a warm place like Tampa Bay. 

The Uncertainty of March

It’s an unfortunate reality of Florida weather that weather conditions can turn abruptly. We’re enjoying warm weather now, but March can make sudden swerves that drop rain on us and temperatures that require we get our heaters working again. If you have any suspicions about your heater’s performance—such as odd sounds the last time you had it running, or less heat coming from the vents than usual—it’s a good idea to have our experts take a look at it so you won’t end up with a busted heater if you need it during the weather shifts in March. It always pays to be prepared. And speaking of “pays”…

A Repaired Heater Costs Less to Run

A key point to remember: almost any malfunction in a heating system, regardless of whether it’s affecting heating output or not, will force the heater to drain more money than it otherwise would. Any time you turn the heater on during the end of the season, it will raise your utility bills. 

A Malfunctioning Heater Will Keep Getting Worse

The same strain that causes a heater to drain more money as it runs will also cause extra wear on its components. The likely outcome of this is the malfunction will worsen and other malfunctions will start. Delaying on heating repair is a way to make the eventual repair cost more than it would if you did it earlier. The accumulation of stress also leads to another big problem…

More Strain Means a Shorter Heater Lifespan

All that extra work put on the heater, all those additional repairs stacking up on one another, will shorten the system lifespan of the heater. The most expensive “repair” a heater may ever need is to be replaced years before it’s estimated lifespan. In Tampa Bay, we can often get our heaters to go for a few more years than they might last in colder climates. Don’t cut off the advantage because you let the heater’s repair escape without attention.

We’re Standing by to Help!

We know that you probably have a stressful schedule right now, but we can make these repairs convenient for you. We are available 24 hours to answer your calls, and our technicians will work fast to remedy the problem. And while you’re thinking about your heater, remember to call us to schedule a spring tune-up for your air conditioning system.  

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