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Forecasting the Future of Your Home’s Heating

analog-clockWe’re not here to show you how to use crystal balls or perform magic tricks or anything like that. We want to help you forecast the future the same way the weather forecaster forecasts the weather—using current facts and predictive models.

It’s easier than it sounds, and we hope that by the end of this post you’ll have a better understanding of where you need to go with your household heating in Land O’ Lakes, FL. You will still need to rely on professional services when it comes to realizing that future, but since you’re already on our website, you know the people to call for that part!

Let’s forecast by asking a few basic questions: 

How long have you had your current heater?

You think about your home’s heating system less often than the air conditioner because you live in a warm climate that has short winters. But now we want you to think about how old your current heater is. If you had it installed, you’ll probably have a general idea. If it came with the house, you’ll need to check the manufacture date, which you can locate on the inside panel. (If it’s not there, write down the model and serial number and call us. We can use that info to find out its age.) A heater that is over 15-years-old is one that should be fast-tracked for a replacement, even if it hasn’t encountered recent problems.

Are you getting the heating you expect?

This can be tricky to answer because you don’t run your heater with the frequency of somebody who lives in a far colder climate. A heater may slip past with subpar performance and not be noticed for a stretch. But if you’ve fiddled around with the thermostat more often this winter than usual, or if the house has felt damp and drafty, the heater needs attention: either repairs or a replacement. 

Are you interested in lowering energy costs?

You may not have any specific heating issues, but you are looking for ways to improve overall energy efficiency in your home. One of the best ways to boost home performance is with high-efficiency equipment, such as a new heating system. The older your current heater, the easier it will be for you to find a new heating system with superior energy efficiency. Examples available include condensing furnaces and heat pumps with inverter technology. (Don’t know what those are? Call us, and we’ll be happy to explain your options.)

Is a heat pump a good choice for year-round comfort?

The future of your heating may lay in heating and cooling. If you’ve used a standard furnace and air conditioning HVAC system for years, you can have both systems replaced at one time with a single system: a heat pump. Although heat pumps aren’t ideal for all homes, they work well for the specific requirements of the Florida climate. If you think you could also use an upgrade for cooling, a heat pump is an option to look into.

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