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Fall HVAC Maintenance: Now’s the Time to Schedule It

furnace-repair-technicianYou may not think of winter as a “rough” time for weather in the Tampa Bay Area. The mild winters here are one of the reasons we’re a major vacation destination. But mild doesn’t mean we never run into chilly days. Our homes need to have effective heating systems we can trust to come on when we need them, and not to waste money when they run.

This is why we recommend you schedule HVAC maintenance in the fall to prepare your heating system and to ensure the ventilation system is also in good shape. If you have a heat pump, this is especially important: a heat pump works all year round, and after a summer of handling the heat in your home, it might not be in the best shape to handle cool weather. A heat pump must have bi-annual maintenance service to keep it in great shape.

There are other reasons why staying current with annual fall HVAC maintenance is essential:

Keep the Warranty Valid

The equipment warranty on your HVAC system is an important consumer protection. It prevent you from needing to pay for repairs or replacements that are the fault of the manufacturer. Around 2% of all HVAC systems leave the factory with some type of fault, so warranties often come in handy. But the warranty on your system may be invalid if you don’t have maintenance for it done regularly.


If you use a gas furnace for winter heating, professional maintenance checks to see that it is operating within safety parameters. Gas furnaces aren’t inherently dangerous—unless they are left neglected year after year. Maintenance includes a careful inspection of all parts of a gas furnace to find if there are any safety hazards that need to be addressed.

Fewer Repairs

Around 85% of the repairs an HVAC system (heater or AC) may need during its service life are preventable thanks to maintenance. Tune-ups and cleanings ward off many problems that start due to strain, and inspections catch small repairs before they become big repairs. An investment in maintenance is an investment in 85% fewer repairs and comfort interruptions.

Longer Service Life

Going hand-in-hand with reducing repairs, maintenance extends HVAC system equipment life. Without regular maintenance, a heater may only last half as long as its anticipated service life. And there’s nothing more expensive than having to purchase a new heater years before it’s time.

Higher Energy Efficiency

A heat pump has a heating efficiency rating called HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) and a furnace has an efficiency rating called AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). When you regularly maintain your HVAC system, your heater (whatever type) will keep 95% of that efficiency rating for most of its life. Without maintenance, the efficiency will decline year after year and make the system more expensive to run.

Other Program Benefits

Along with your regular HVAC maintenance in Tampa, FL, when you join our Premier Service Agreement, you’ll also receive extra benefits: a 15% discount on all parts and labor, if needed; priority scheduling so you can jump to the head of the service queue in case of an emergency; and no overtime charge for any emergency service.

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