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Don’t Delay Any Heating Repair—Here’s Why!

wrenchesIf you told someone who lives in Milwaukie that they shouldn’t dilly-dally calling professionals to repair their heater when it breaks down, they’d likely laugh at you. Of course, they’ll move fast—it’s super cold in Wisconsin in the winter! 

The situation is different when it comes to heating repair in Clearwater, FL. We don’t have the same cold weather, and sometimes a malfunctioning heater may seem like a problem you can just get to later. 

While you may not be in danger of freezing when your heater malfunctions in the Tampa Bay Area, it’s still wise to act fast to have repairs done, and for several good reasons.


Safety is always priority number one when it comes to heating systems. Natural gas heaters can potentially turn hazardous if they’re left in poor condition and not inspected or fixed. But electric heating systems pose risks as well from bad wiring that can lead to electric fires. If for no other reason, you should call for repairs for a heating system just to ensure that it continues to function safely.

Repair Cost

The general rule with repairs is that the sooner you notice something is wrong, the less expensive it will be to fix. Any malfunction within a heater can worsen if it’s left alone and the heating system continues to run. The longer you delay getting the problem fixed, the higher the chance you pay more for the eventual repair. 

Additional Repairs

Central heaters are complex systems, and when one part malfunctions, it will cause strain on other parts. For example, if a failure in one component means the production of less heat, other components will work harder attempting to make up for the deficiency. This means that a single malfunction can trigger several other malfunctions, and soon the heater will need multiple repairs.

System Breakdown

The final outcome of a series of parts failing in a domino effect is a heater that completely fails. A broken-down heater can be unpleasant if it strikes during a cold spell. It’s also expensive to bring a heating system back from a breakdown, and in some cases, the heater may need to be replaced. You want to avoid a full heating system failure if at all possible.

Loss of Energy Efficiency

We’ve already mentioned all the additional strain and wear any malfunction causes a heating system. That strain also translates into a drop in energy efficiency for the heater, and this means you’ll pay more to run the system than you should. That’s another additional cost to delaying having the heater repaired.

Shortened Equipment Life

Waiting too long for repairs can do permanent damage to a heating system that will shorten its service life. This is a long-term effect but can end up costing you more than almost any other problem. Having to replace a heater three or more years earlier than standard means losing a significant portion of your original investment in the system.

You never have to delay your heating repairs with our professionals to help you. We offer 24-hour emergency service and we’re ready to get your heater in tip-top shape.

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