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Before You Switch on That Furnace, Call Us for Regular Maintenance


Florida experiences winter differently than many other parts of the country. The season starts late and it can have warm days sprinkled throughout it. This makes it easy for homeowners here to ignore the importance of upkeep on their heating systems. 

But regular maintenance is a vital part of having a heating system, especially a furnace. You may not use your furnace as often as someone in Nebraska, Maine, or Minnesota, but you will still rely on it. You want to make sure it comes on when you need it, doesn’t waste energy as it runs, and will work dependably for many years. Furnace maintenance in Clearwater, FL is the best method to see that this is exactly what you get from your furnace.

Safety is critical as well

An important part of heating maintenance is to keep the heater operating safely. This is important for gas furnaces, the most common type of heater found in homes. Gas furnaces aren’t inherently dangerous, otherwise, they would never be allowed in homes in the first place.

But when a furnace is neglected year after year, it can develop safety hazards.

Maintenance not only keeps the furnace in excellent shape, but it also gives professionals an opportunity to closely examine the furnace to look for potential dangers: cracks in the heat exchanger, clogged gas lines, failed safety mechanisms, poor venting, and gas line leaks. 

Don’t waste money running an inefficient furnace

You only need your furnace running for a small window of time—you don’t want to pay exorbitant amounts of money to do it! Unfortunately, allowing a furnace to miss regular maintenance will cause it to lose energy efficiency and raise your bills. Make the most of your heating system by paying the least to run it with maintenance.

Make repairs almost non-existent

You don’t want to have your furnace fail on you during those days when you need it. This is a risk you’ll take if you let the furnace head into the winter without a maintenance tune-up and inspection. Maintenance prevents the majority of repairs a furnace would otherwise need, so that’s plenty of time and money taken off your winter schedule!

Get your furnace to a healthy old age

A natural gas furnace has an average service life of 15 years, and an electric furnace of 20 years. Both these life expectancies take into account annual maintenance. Without maintenance, these estimates will start to fall, and a furnace may need to be replaced after living out only half its estimated lifespan. Maintenance will help you get the most out of your home’s furnace.

Keep the warranty in force

The equipment warranty for most furnaces requires the unit to receive regular maintenance, otherwise it will void the warranty. A voided warranty can mean having to pay out-of-pocket for an expensive repair or even replacement that would otherwise be covered. With maintenance, you won’t get blindsided with a huge repair bill due to a factory fault.

Schedule maintenance with us today

Our Premier Service Agreement makes maintenance easy. When you sign up, you’ll receive maintenance visits for both your heater and your air conditioner, as well as other special benefits. Call us today for more details.

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