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A Reminder About Heat Pump Maintenance: Do It Twice a Year!

cold-house-warm-houseWe love heat pumps here in the Tampa Bay Area. There are few comfort systems more suited to the Florida climate: powerful air conditioning for the long summers, and energy efficient heating to handle the short cold periods. A heat pump is the comfort you want, when you want it, without paying too much.

But if a heat pump doesn’t receive regular maintenance from professionals during the year, it can soon become expensive to run and will turn unreliable. It may even fail years before it’s time. Unlike a standard air conditioner, which needs annual maintenance, a heat pump needs bi-annual maintenance. Yes, that means you need to schedule maintenance service for it in the fall as well as the spring.

Isn’t Spring Maintenance Enough?

It would be—if you only used your heat pump during the summer. But a heat pump puts in work all during the year. There probably isn’t a single month where it doesn’t get some use. Because we can experience warm weather at almost any time of the year in the Tampa Bay Area, a heat pump may have to turn over to cooling power far outside of the summer. It may not do as much work in heating mode, but you can still expect to need it during a few rainy, windy days during the winter.

This amount of stress makes bi-annual maintenance a requirement. A heat pump isn’t two different types of systems packaged together in one cabinet: the same components are used whether the heat pump is cooling or heating. The compressor, the fans, the coils, the motors—they all put in work when the heat pump is running.

Think of it like this: your home’s heat pump has just gone through another heavy summer season where it had to run almost every day. This causes wear and tear on its parts and allows an accumulation of dust and dirt. If the heat pump continues into the fall and winter without maintenance to clean and adjust it, lubricate the motors, inspect for refrigerant leaks, tighten electrical connections, etc., the heat pump will start to lose energy efficiency over the winter. It also has a higher chance of repair needs or breaking down when you need it the most. Not only will maintenance reduce the work strain on it, but it also gives technicians a chance to catch potential repair issues so they can be fixed early rather than waiting for when they create actual problems.

Maintenance Is Easy with Our Premier Service Agreements

We offer professional AC maintenance in Clearwater, FL as well as maintenance for heat pumps and standalone heating systems through our Premier Service Agreements. When you sign up, you get:

  • Complete heat pump system maintenance with twice-yearly tune-ups
  • A 15% discount on all parts and labor
  • Priority scheduling for emergency services
  • Overtime charges waived for emergency services

Contact us today to learn more details and to sign up for your fall heat pump maintenance.

Experience Comfort with a well-maintained heat pump. Balanced Air, Inc. has served the Tampa Bay Area since 1988.

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