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Making a Change for the Fall: What to Know About Getting a Heat Pump

air-conditioner-units-near-grassFall is almost here, and no matter what the weather outside currently is, you’ll start making plans for lower temperatures. Part of your plans this year might include a heat pump installation Wesley Chapel, FL. Heat pumps are popular choices in Florida because they can function well in both modes: heating and cooling. If this is what has you interested in replacing your old HVAC system with a heat pump, you’re already on the right track for great comfort. 

Before you go further into finding a heat pump, we have important general information about heat pump installation that will help you with making your decision.

1. A heat pump must work as both a heating and cooling system

A heat pump resembles an air conditioning system in most ways. It’s hard for people to tell the difference between them from just looking at their exteriors. What makes the heat pump different is its ability to switch the direction it operates. In cooling mode, it removes heat from the house. In heating mode, it changes to bringing heat into the house. To get the most cost-effective use from a heat pump, you must use it to do both jobs. You can’t install a heat pump to do only one! Installing a heat pump means you have to replace both your current AC and heating system—it’s too expensive to buy a heat pump for just one job.  

2. Heat pumps are excellent for heating in our climate

In cooling mode, you can expect a heat pump to deliver the same amount of comfort as an AC of the same size. It’s in heating mode that a heat pump can make a big difference for your house: compared to an electric furnace, a heat pump uses much less power to run. A heat pump draws thermal energy from outside, and because our winters are mild in Tampa Bay, it doesn’t require much power to pull enough heat from the outdoor air to provide comfort. If you’ve been using an electric furnace for heat, you’ll find that changing to a heat pump means better comfort for less.

3. Heat pumps require maintenance twice a year

A heat pump is a single system, but it needs to have professional maintenance scheduled twice a year rather than once. The reason for this is because the heat pump is handling the work of both heating and cooling and will run during most of the year. It needs a check-up and tune-up in spring before it handles summer heat, and then a second one in fall to handle cooler winter weather. 

4. We recommend a thermostat upgrade for a heat pump

When you have a heat pump installed, we recommend getting a new thermostat as well. This will help you get the most out of the system since we can install a thermostat that fits exactly with the specific heating and cooling operation of a heat pump. A thermostat that’s designed to handle a furnace won’t work as effectively when controlling a heat pump. 

Our technicians can answer any questions you have about getting a new heat pump: call them today for an appointment. 

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