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How Can I Repair My Heat Pump on My Own?

wrenchesThe answer depends on what you mean when you use the word “repair.”

If you mean, “Are there any quick checks or changes I can make to get the heat pump working if there’s only a minor glitch?”, then we have a few tips to help. You might find there’s a basic issue causing the heat pump’s problems, and you won’t need to call for a technician.

If you mean, “How can I open up the heat pump cabinet and use some tools to fix the system?”, then the answer is, “There are no repairs you can do—please do not try!” A heat pump malfunction that’s bigger than any of the simple issues we’ll discuss below can only be repaired by a licensed HVAC professional.

Some Basic Heat Pump Troubles

This is not a repair guide, but a troubleshooting guide. Often, a heat pump that won’t turn on, won’t change modes, or isn’t working as it should because of something basic you may have overlooked.

  • An air filter that hasn’t been changed: If the current air filter for the HVAC system hasn’t been changed for a new one in more than 3 months, it’s probably so clogged with debris that it’s harming the heat pump’s performance. We recommend changing the filter every 1 to 3 months (it depends on the filter strength).
  • Tripped circuit breaker: This is a common one. If the heat pump won’t turn on at all, it’s possible a voltage surge from the system—often from the blower motor—has tripped a circuit breaker and cut off the power. Reset any flipped switch and see if this restores the heat pump.
  • Thermostat mistakes: Plenty could appear to go wrong with a heat pump if the thermostat settings aren’t correct, or if somebody changed the settings and didn’t tell you. We recommend checking on the documentation for the thermostat (especially if it’s an advanced Wi-Fi smart thermostat) to see if there’s setting errors. This is often the reason behind a heat pump not changing between heating and cooling modes or not running for long enough.

For Everything Else …

You’ve eliminated the basics—and the heat pump still isn’t working. This is the time to call for a Tampa, FL, HVAC expert. A heat pump is a complex refrigeration system that operates on similar principles to how your freezer and refrigerator work—and you would never want to go tampering with those on your own! Modern heat pumps also have complex control boards using computer algorithms, and this isn’t anything you can hope to fix without extensive training and the correct tools.

But the biggest reason you want to leave the repairs to the experts is diagnosis. The symptoms of a malfunctioning thermostat may have multiple causes. Only a licensed professional knows how to get to the root of the problem. An amateur is likely to make a mistake and try to fix the wrong part—and this often leads to a heat pump that’s even more broken.

Finally, amateur work on a heat pump often voids its warranty. You don’t want to lose this important protection against a factory flaw!

Look to the HVAC professionals who’ll restore your vital heat pump! Balanced Air, Inc. serves the Tampa Bay Area.

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