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Fall Maintenance Time Is Here … Yes, Your Heat Pump Needs Fall Maintenance!

heat-pumpMaintenance for heating systems in the fall is something people in Florida occasionally let slip. We don’t experience bracing cold winter weather, so homeowners often forget that their heaters need to have attention from HVAC professionals to clean, adjust, tune up, and inspect them. 

We want to stress that any heating system must have annual maintenance visits. But we’re putting a special emphasis on heat pumps in this post, for two reasons:

  • People often mistakenly believe that heat pumps only need a single maintenance visit during the year, the way ACs and heating systems do.
  • Heat pumps are not just for cold weather, and they often do a good amount of cooling even during the fall and winter. 

Heat Pumps Require Biannual Maintenance

We’ll start with the first point: any heat pump, no matter what kind of local climate it deals with, must have biannual maintenance. We recommend a standard schedule of maintenance in spring and fall. The reason for having maintenance twice a year for a heat pump is that a heat pump works as both a cooling and heating system.

An air conditioner only needs maintenance once because it does most of its work in summer; a heater only needs maintenance once to prepare it for winter. A heat pump is a single system, but it works throughout the year, accumulating more stress than either an AC or heater. It requires those maintenance visits to prep it for the two weather extremes of the year. 

A heat pump uses the same components and the same operation to provide both cooling and heating. The heat pump in your house isn’t two separate systems packaged together: the strain placed on the system during a long, humid summer will carry over to the cooler months.

Heat Pumps in Florida Still Do Plenty of Cooling

Even with Florida’s milder winter weather, you can expect to need your heat pump running regularly because it will still need to work in cooling mode on many days. We still have stretches of hot weather, no matter the time of year. You don’t want your heat pump to fail during the winter months because it means you’ll lose out on vital cooling as well. Heat pump maintenance goes a long way toward keeping your home comfortable no matter the weather.

Let Your Heat Pump Enjoy All the Benefits of Maintenance

Investing in fall maintenance for your heat pump lets you get the most from your HVAC system. Our Premier Service Agreement will see that your heat pump receives the regular inspections and tune-ups that will keep it working its best all year. You’ll have less need for heat pump repair in Clearwater, FL and experience less downtime for the system thanks to the work our technicians do during a maintenance visit. Your heat pump will also work at higher energy efficiency and have a longer service life. Biannual maintenance pays back its cost many times over.

Reach out to us today to arrange for your heat pump maintenance and to join the Premier Service Agreement if you haven’t already.

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