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Your AC May Run Into One of These 5 Problems This Summer

air-conditioner-evaporator-coilWe know that summer may feel like it’s still a long way off, but it pays to make plans for hotter weather when it comes to your air conditioner. This is especially true in Florida, where the summer weather sets in early, with hardly much in the way of transitional spring weather. It’s not too early to talk about trouble you may have with your air conditioner when it starts putting in the long hours in the middle of the year.

Modern air conditioning systems are complex refrigeration devices, so there is plenty that can go wrong with them. Fortunately, they’re designed to be reliable as long as their well-maintained. But even the best maintenance cannot prevent all potential problems. Below, we’ve listed five of the more common AC problems you may encounter this summer.

ONE: Refrigerant leaks

The first major problem many ACs encounter is with leaking refrigerant. A common type of corrosion can affect the copper in refrigerant lines after around five years, and this allows for refrigerant to begin to leak from the system. Loss of refrigerant not only reduces the efficiency of an air conditioner, but it also puts the compressor in jeopardy, so the problem needs to be fixed right away. If you see ice on the coil, hear hissing from the cabinets, or notice a drop in cooling power, call for technicians right away.

TWO: Moldy evaporator coil

This is a trouble that can often occur in humid climates like ours. Because water condenses along this coil, it creates an environment for mold and mildew to grow. Both will harm the AC’s efficiency and spread an unpleasant odor around the house. When you notice this “dirty sock” smell, it’s time for repairs.

THREE: Short-cycling

This is when the air conditioner’s compressor turns on and off rapidly, usually only staying on for ten minutes or less at a time, and never completing a full cooling cycle. Short-cycling damages the AC’s components and wastes electricity. There are many possible sources for short-cycling, so please leave the diagnostic detective work to the professionals.

FOUR: Non-responsive thermostat

You make adjustments to the thermostat, and yet … either nothing happens or the air conditioner doesn’t react the way you want it to (it runs for too long; it shuts down too early). The problem may be with the air conditioner itself, but a thermostat can easily develop faults. Even a small miscalibration can cause the thermostat to shut off the AC at the wrong times. If an AC isn’t responding to the thermostat adjustments at all, there may be broken wiring. Technicians can either fix or replace the thermostat.

FIVE: Hard-starting compressor

A compressor that has difficulty overcoming resistance when it starts up a cooling cycle is said to be hard-starting, much like a car engine that has to struggle to turn over. Hard-starting drains power and also puts the compressor in danger of burning out. Technicians can solve the problem with the installation of a hard-start kit that helps give the compressor more power so it starts with less problem.

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