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What to Know About Fall AC Installation

air-conditioner-units-near-grassWhen is the best time to arrange for an AC installation in Wesley Chapel, FL? We can tell you the worst time: it’s whenever you need your current air conditioning system working the most and it abruptly fails on you. An emergency air conditioning replacement is a big deal, and it can mean going without vital household cooling while technicians get a new one in place.

So any time other than when you need an emergency summer replacement is a better time to get a new AC. And the fall is up there with the best time. If you think your AC has gone through its last summer of effective and efficient operation, fall is ideal for calling our technicians to schedule installing a new system. We don’t recommend waiting for the spring, since this is Florida and we never know when we’ll need our air conditioners working hard for us again.

A few things we’d like you to know about a fall AC installation:

A slow time for us is a good time for you

HVAC contractors are less busy during the fall compared to summer. Cooler weather means fewer AC emergencies. We spend more time helping people to upgrade equipment and maintain heating systems in the fall. With fewer repairs on our work schedule, it’s easier to find a convenient time to consult about a new AC and have it put in.

More time to consider a new HVAC system

You don’t want to rush choosing a new air conditioning system for your home if you don’t have to. This gives you an opportunity to think about different options for your cooling. You can have another standard central air conditioner put in. Or you may wish to consider a special high-efficiency system with variable-speed fans and a multi-stage compressor. A heat pump is also another possibility if you are looking for a full HVAC upgrade. You’ll have time to work with our technicians to find the best choice for your future comfort.

Two comfort installations at once

You may be in a situation where both your AC and your heater are ready to be replaced. This is common since the two are often installed at the same time and will be identical ages. If this is the case, we recommend having both a new air conditioning and heating system installed. It’s more convenient and you save on labor and time when they’re done at once.

This also is when a heat pump installation is a good idea—particularly if you have an electric furnace rather than a gas one. The heat pump handles both your heating and cooling in one unit and can save money in heating mode compared to an electric furnace.

Maybe add a dehumidifier

A new AC installation is also a convenient time to have a dehumidifier added to the HVAC system. Whole-house dehumidifiers can make an enormous difference in the muggy Florida climate and make the work of the AC far easier. We offer whole-house dehumidifier installation services, so please ask us about this option.

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