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Ways Your Local HVAC Pros Can Help With Better Cooling This Year

air-conditioning-collageIf you spent the last summer feeling you weren’t getting the cooling you deserved in your house, we are glad you stopped by. We’re an HVAC company in Tampa, FL that’s dedicated to quality, integrity, and professionalism in all we do. It’s our goal to help you enjoy better indoor comfort for your entire household. We treat every customer like family.

So … how can we help improve your cooling this year? We have plenty of ways! Below are a few. Please call our office to find out more.

Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

This is, without a doubt, the most important service you can have each year to ensure top cooling performance. Without regular AC maintenance annually, you can expect your air conditioner to start to lose capacity, cost more to run, and suffer from more malfunctions. The reason you experienced poorer comfort last year could be due to missing out on maintenance. We have a special maintenance program, the Premier Service Agreement, to make maintenance straightforward. As a member, you’ll also receive special perks such as discounts.

A Full AC Upgrade

Maybe the reason you didn’t have the air conditioning you wanted last year is that the AC is over-the-hill and needs to be replaced. It happens to all air conditioners eventually. You just have to know when it’s time to call for a replacement. If your AC is 10 to 15 years old or older, we recommend calling our technicians to examine the system and see if it’s time to retire it and upgrade to a new one. We’re honest in all our business dealings and won’t push you to purchase a new system if it’s unnecessary.

Install a Dehumidifier

If the humidity was what made last summer unpleasant, then look into a whole-house dehumidifier installation. Portable dehumidifiers aren’t much of a solution, and some of them are fire hazards. With a whole-house dehumidifier, you’ll have direct control over the relative humidity in your house so it’s perfectly balanced and doesn’t become too dry. The dehumidifier will work in conjunction with the AC so you’ll have the right indoor humidity without affecting the cooling.

Air Conditioning Repair

The AC may not be ready for a replacement, but you have reason to believe it isn’t working as well as it once did. The appearance of hot spots around the house, the AC turning on and off at strange times, and a rise in summer utility bills can all point toward a malfunction in the air conditioner that needs attention. Not all malfunctions are obvious, but they still need repair work. Reach out to us for the help you need before the summer heat arrives.

Thermostat Upgrade

A better thermostat with new technology (Wi-Fi and “smart” programming) can boost the general comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Please work with professionals for this, since purchasing a new thermostat on your own and trying to install it can end up damaging the HVAC equipment. Let our technicians find the right new thermostat to work with your system.

Experience the Balanced Air, Inc. difference! We’re here to help you enjoy the best cooling possible this year and every year.

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