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If It’s Time for a New AC … What Type Should You Get?

New-air-conditionerIn our last post, we addressed one of the most serious troubles an air conditioning system can run into—the fried compressor. If you have this problem and discovered the best solution is to replace the AC entirely, the next dilemma is making the choice about what type and size of AC to replace it.

You can decide to get a new one just like the old one—but that’s rarely satisfactory, especially with recent advances in cooling technology. You have choices to make, although relying on an HVAC professional will make the choices easier. In fact, the help of a licensed professional is necessary to avoid a major error, as we’ll explain later.

Choices With Cooling Systems

The standard central air conditioning system is a split system. Your old AC is probably this type—an air conditioner with a single outdoor condenser and an indoor evaporator and air handler connected to ductwork. If your house has ducts, the best option for a replacement is to stay with the split system air conditioner.

However, you do have a few options. First, we recommend you consider having a high-efficiency air conditioning system installed if it’s in your budget. High-efficiency ACs have SEER ratings of 20 or above, which is a large jump compared to the minimum requirement of 15 SEER for split systems. High-efficiency air conditioners have features such as variable-speed fans and multi-stage compressors to help them reduce energy consumption while improving cooling distribution.

You may also wish to replace the whole HVAC system—the heater along with the AC—and put in a heat pump. A heat pump is like a split system air conditioner, except it can switch the direction it works so it can bring heat into a home when necessary. Heat pumps work well in the warm climate of Florida, and if you have an aging electric furnace, we strongly recommend you have it replaced along with your old air conditioner with a heat pump.

The Ductless Choice

What if your cooling system isn’t a central AC but a window unit—or multiple window units? Then we advise you look into putting in a ductless mini split heat pump. This is a better way to cool a house than unattractive, inconvenient, and inefficient window units.

You don’t need to put in any ductwork for a ductless system (it’s there in the name!). In fact, you’ll hardly need to make any changes to the house. An outdoor cabinet connects to a series of wall-mounted indoor units placed in different rooms. Each unit has its own refrigerant coil and blower fan to send conditioned air directly into the rooms. The units can operate separately from each other so you only need to cool rooms that need it. Since ductless systems are heat pumps, they work for all seasons.

Proper Sizing

AC system installation in Wesley Chapel, FL requires sizing the system so it can provide enough cooling for the home without being oversized so it wastes energy. This is a job you must leave to the professionals! Trust our installers to ensure you have the right size and type of new cooling system.

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