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Spring Into Warmer Weather With Our Premiere Service Agreement

It’s March, and that means it’s the season of air conditioning maintenance in Tampa, FL. In colder parts of the country, homeowners can delay a bit deeper into the spring before they start thinking about tuning-up their ACs to take on the heat. We have to be more on our toes in Florida since warm weather never really goes away for long. Technically, it’s not even Spring yet, but March is the ideal time to put AC maintenance on your calendar. It’s one of the best things you can have done for your household comfort during the year.

Why We Recommend AC Maintenance Annually

We always post reminders about scheduling annual air conditioning tune-ups and inspections during the spring. The reason is that AC maintenance is just that important. It’s beneficial and it helps stop many problems before they start—like going to a regular dental appointment, but without any of potential pain and annoyance. The process only takes about an hour: our technicians come to your house, go through a rigorous checklist to examine all parts of the AC to look for potential problems, then adjust and clean the unit to ensure it operates at peak efficiency. That’s all there is to it, but the rewards are immense:

  • The AC has a lower chance of suffering a breakdown during the summer season, giving you important peace of mind.
  • The number of repairs the air conditioner will need will be reduced. Around 85% of the repairs an AC may require in its life can be prevented with annual maintenance.
  • The air conditioner will run at the highest cooling capacity—you’ll get your full money’s worth of cooling from the system without any drops in energy efficiency that will raise your bills.
  • The air conditioner will enjoy an extended service life. It might fail years earlier if it didn’t have maintenance. Now you’ll get the longest possible use from the system.
  • The warranty will remain valid. The warranty protects you from paying for repairs or a replacement because of a factory fault.

The Premiere Service Agreement Makes It Easy

We want to simplify the process of maintenance for our customers so they can keep current and have the best possible air conditioning. We designed our Premiere Service Agreement for this purpose. You only need to call our offices to sign up, and we’ll not only take care of your AC each year, but we’ll also take care of the heating system as well with a visit in the fall.

As an extra incentive, we offer these perks to customers who sign up for the Premiere Service Agreement:

  • A 15% discount on all parts and labor, if needed
  • Priority scheduling in case of an emergency. This means you go to the top of the list for service over non-members.
  • No overtime charges for any emergency services.

Our technicians will see your HVAC system receives the best tune-up and inspections each year, and they’ll keep your manufacturer’s warranty in place. Call our office today to find out more details about the Premiere Service Agreement and to sign up.

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