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Rating Your AC’s Performance Over the Summer

hand-drawing-checkboxAlthough Florida air conditioning systems never get extended breaks, even during winter, the end of the year is the best time to consider making significant changes to a home’s central AC. The weather cools down a bit and you’ll have more time to arrange for a convenient replacement for an aging air conditioner—if that’s what you need.

Is this the fall season when you stop with air conditioning repair in St. Petersburg, FL, and instead opt to have our technicians install a new air conditioner? A big question, and we’d like to help you address it with a thought exercise: give your air conditioning system a rating for how well it performed over the summer. This will help you think about its future and what work, if any, it requires before the next heatwave arrives. (And there’s no guarantee that won’t occur before the end of the year!)

We’ll use a classic movie review rating system of one to five stars. Rate your AC’s summer and then use the guide below:


Sounds like you had a trouble-free summer where the air conditioner always worked when you needed it and didn’t cost more than normal. What’s your secret? We already know what it is: you’ve been keeping current with regular maintenance for the system. Don’t stop now—annual maintenance should keep the air conditioner running for many more summers where you could award it 5 stars.


A solid rating. The air conditioner did the job you needed from it and the house stayed cool. But why did you knock a star off the rating? Maybe you’ve noticed that electrical bills are steeper than before, or you felt less than sure that the AC would come on when needed. A few hot spots in the house? Some extra noise from the air conditioner? You may need to arrange with us to inspect the AC to see if it needs repairs.


The middle of the road can be a risky place when it comes to an air conditioner. A three-star rating may mean the AC needed a repair over the season, or it’s not keeping up with your comfort demands and you’ve needed to push it harder. This is where the age of the system is crucial: if it’s more than 10 years old, this poor performance often means replacement time. For younger systems, please call us for repairs.


This is bad news. The air conditioner may still be working, but you know it’s not working well and its days may be numbered. We recommend scheduling an inspection from our team; they can give you honest answers about whether repairs are still worthwhile or if the AC is over-the-hill and ready for the recycling yard.

The air conditioning system has failed and repairs are not going to do any good—and you know this because you gave the air conditioning system the same rating a movie critic would give Plan 9 From Outer Space or one of the Star Wars prequels. Call us right away to schedule a replacement during the slower time of year.

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