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Odd Noises From Your AC and What They May Mean

shocked-womanIn the future, air conditioning systems may have complex AI programs that can immediately alert a homeowner to a malfunction with a description of the malfunction and the best plan of action. It might even be able to schedule repair services with your local HVAC contractor of choice.

We aren’t there yet with ACs, however. To find out if you need air conditioning repairs in Wesley Chapel, FL requires a bit of detective work so you notice signs of a problem. For example, an air conditioner may start to make unusual sounds. The standard noises from an AC are the whir of the motors running the fans and the compressor, with occasional dripping from condensate falling into the condensate drain. And since the compressor is located outside in the condenser cabinet, you’ll rarely hear it.

When a different noise interrupts these ones, it may be a sign of a problem …

Mechanical grinding and shrieking

The sound of mechanical shrieking indicates metal scraping against metal. In most situations, the noise means the bearings in a motor are wearing out and parts of the motor are scraping against each other. Catching this problem as soon as it happens can often rescue the motor, since technicians need only replace the bearings. Grinding can mean a worse problem—a motor that’s burning out and probably needs to be replaced.


When the AC comes, do you hear a clicking sound from either the indoor or the outdoor cabinet? This may be sending a warning about failing capacitors, essential electrical components that store voltage and send it to the motors. When capacitors fail, the motors to the fans or compressor won’t turn on or won’t stay on. Don’t try to put in new capacitors yourself, since you’ll risk putting in the wrong type or receiving an electrical shock.


Refrigerant leaks are one of the most harmful problems for an air conditioning system, since not only do they threaten cooling capacity, they eventually cause permanent damage to the compressor. A hissing sound will alert you to refrigerant gas escaping through small holes in the refrigerant lines. Never hesitate with calling for repairs—shut off the AC and contact us.


This may be a simple problem: the door of the cabinet isn’t fully shut. If this doesn’t turn out to be the problem, there may be loose parts inside the blower fan. Shut off the fan and have a technician take a look at the system.


This sound covers numerous kinds of problems. It can result from lost refrigerant, loose electrical connections, compressor trouble, or worn-down isolation feet. Isolation feet are the rubber parts the compressor sits on to absorb vibrations. These feet can wear down over time, and the vibration may lead to serious compressor damage. The buzzing sound comes from a slightly off-balance compressor. Have HVAC technicians diagnose what’s behind this sound.

No matter when you need AC repair help, you can reach us! We offer 24-hour emergency service to keep your family cool no matter the heat.

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