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The Mystery of the Failed AC—Solved!

magnifying-glassHow does your air conditioning system work? It might seem mysterious, maybe even marvelous when you give it close thought. For thousands of years, people had ways to create heat, but they could not discover a way to “create” cooling as powerfully. Then, in the early 20th century, electro-mechanical air conditioning solved humanity’s quest to uncover the mystery of reliable cooling.

If you’re reading this, you’re confronting another mystery: why your air conditioning system isn’t providing your house with the cooling you need for summer comfort. You won’t need thousands of years to unravel this problem, however, because you can find the detectives to solve the case for you with a phone call. 

We can’t spoil the solution to this mystery yet, because we haven’t had a chance to inspect your faulty AC. But because we’ve solved many cases of “no-cool” air conditioners, we can provide you with several potential outcomes. Let our HVAC master detectives and problem solvers find your solution to getting your AC back to life.

Solution #1: The Case of the Clogged Air Filter

We’ve seen this culprit ruin many summer days in homes! If you leave the filter in your AC in place for too long (more than 1–3 months), the filter will clog so much that it will strangle air movement through the air conditioner. When there’s not enough air, the AC hasn’t anything to cool down. But it’s an easy problem to solve: just change the filter for a clean one and keep up with changes regularly. 

Solution #2: The Case of the Stubborn Thermostat

The brain center behind your AC is the thermostat—and sometimes thermostats can suffer from “brain drain.” You might adjust the thermostat to cool the house, but the thermostat won’t connect to the air conditioner to send those instructions. Or perhaps the thermostat is reading temperatures incorrectly. Our HVAC detectives can repair the thermostat so your AC has its brains back. 

Solution #3: The Case of the Bleeding Refrigerant

The refrigerant in an AC is a big part of the “magic” of how it works. But an AC can lose refrigerant through holes in the refrigerant lines. As an air conditioner bleeds away refrigerant, it loses cooling power … and eventually the whole air conditioner will shut down because of a broken compressor. Solving this problem requires professionals to seal the leaks and give the AC a transfusion of new refrigerant.

Solution #5: The Case of the Elderly Air Conditioner

Have you had your air conditioner for more than 10 years? More than 15? Then you might already have an idea why you have cooling problems: the AC is too ancient and decrepit to do its job. Our detectives may turn up numerous problems due to the AC’s age, and in these cases, the best solution is to replace the AC and start fresh.

And the Solution Is…

…to call us right away for AC repair in New Port Richey, FL. We’re true AC detectives who get to the heart of problems and solve cases, not just perform hasty run-throughs of checklists and then make minor adjustments. 

Put us on the case today and Experience the Balanced Air, Inc. difference!

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