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March Means AC Maintenance Time Is Here

checkmark-greenFor most parts of the country, the arrival of March doesn’t mean immediate relief from cold weather. That will have to wait until late April or even June, and the hottest weather of summer is still far away.

It’s different here in the Tampa Bay area, however. Hot weather never really goes away, and by March we can already start to experience the warm weather we’re known for on a regular basis. This means we need to think early about taking care of our home’s air conditioning systems so they’re prepared to take on the most intense heat of the year.

And what’s the best way to prep an AC? It’s with professional air conditioning maintenance in Port Richey, FL from our technicians. When you join our Premier Service Agreement, you’ll have the regular preventive maintenance that will help you enjoy trouble-free and lower-cost cooling through the middle of the year and far into the fall and the hot flare-ups of winter. 

Why You Should Never Skip AC Maintenance

We bring up air conditioning maintenance at this time each year because we know how important it is. We’ve served this area for decades, so we’ve seen what can happen when an AC doesn’t have the regular inspections and tune-ups it needs each spring. Below we’ll explain a few of the reasons you want to keep up with maintenance each year:

Keep the warranty valid

Did you know that the warranty on your air conditioning system may be voided if you don’t have proof it’s received regular professional maintenance? It’s true—and you don’t want to lose this important consumer protection, because it can mean having to pay for a full repair or replacement that’s due to a manufacturer’s fault.

Prevent surprise breakdowns in hot weather

This is the top reason to always have AC maintenance: you’ll reduce the chance of the air conditioner failing on you during one of the hottest days of the summer. You can avoid having to make an emergency repair call and sweating it out until help arrives when the AC received the proper pre-season attention.

Avoid most repair calls

Here’s a fact that puts maintenance in perspective: the majority of repairs an air conditioner may need during its service life are because of neglected maintenance. As long as you stay current with annual maintenance, you can eliminate more than 50% of the repairs you’d otherwise have to arrange and pay for. That’s big savings and more convenient. 

Enjoy better energy efficiency

The wear and tear on an AC in Tampa Bay is rough. It’s not only hot during the summer, but the humidity can cause damage to the air conditioner as well. This will mean a gradual decline in the energy efficiency of the system, around a 5% drop each year. You’ll soon pay more to run the air conditioner than normal. Maintenance stops this. A well-maintained AC unit will retain 95% of its efficiency rating until the last one or two years of its service life.

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