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Is a Used Air Conditioning System an Option for Installation?

ac-units-in-scrapyardThe simple answer: no. We do not recommend shopping for a used air conditioning system and calling a contractor to install it. (Or worse, trying to install it yourself!)

We know that purchasing used is often a great way to save money. Used books, furniture, cars, and laptops can all make good, cost-effective investments. But this doesn’t work for all purchases, and in the case of an HVAC system, it’s a major mistake. No reputable HVAC contractor will install a previously owned central air conditioner. The only case where you’ll hear about people buying used HVAC equipment is with window ACs—and even then, it’s not something we recommend.

(We don’t recommend window units, period. If your home doesn’t have ductwork, we advise looking into installing a ductless mini split system.)

We’re going to look at the big reasons why installing a used central air conditioner isn’t worth it.

The Warranty Problem

The manufacturer’s warranty on an air conditioner is an essential protection for the consumer. If the AC fails because of a factory fault, the warranty covers repairs or replacement. A warranty cannot be transferred with a used air conditioner, however! A “transferable warranty” refers to moving the warranty over to new homeowners, not moving the AC to a new home. Starting with an old air conditioner means starting without the vital protection of a warranty.

An Air Conditioning System Must Be Sized to a Home

The first stage of an air conditioner installation is to size the new unit to match the cooling requirements of the house. An AC must produce enough cooling (measured as “tons”) to keep the house comfortable without wasting energy—too small or too large and the system will be ineffective and inefficient. With a used AC, you’re stuck with whatever size you can find, and this is far from ideal.

Starting Off With Too Many Repairs

When an air conditioning system is installed professionally, it should operate for many years before running into its first repair issue (which may be covered by the warranty). A used air conditioner, however, may start to experience numerous repair troubles right from the start. The AC is already closer to the end of its service life and will exact a high cost in repairs during the last few years.

Inefficient and Outdated Technology

It’s a general truth when replacing an air conditioning system that the new AC will have better energy efficiency than the old AC had even when it was new. The technology of cooling systems always marches forward, and today’s models boast superb efficiency ratings and better features than ever. Starting new means starting better in multiple ways.

Cleaner Air

Old air conditioners are often worn and dirty, and this means they’ll start blowing dust and dirt into a house. Newer systems give you a fresh air start.

We can take care of your air conditioning installation in Wesley Chapel, FL so you’ll receive the best return on investment in your new system. We take pride in our honest and fair dealings with all our customers. Honesty, integrity, and professionalism are the cornerstones of our business.

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