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How Long Should My New Air Conditioner Last?

New-air-conditionerYou never know exactly how long an appliance might last. It depends on factors like how often you use it, how well it was constructed, if it suffers any damage, and sometimes just plain luck. But with almost any appliance, there’s a general idea of many years you can expect it to last on average—and that’s the case with a central air conditioning system.

We’re going to provide you a few different answers about how long you can expect your central air conditioning system to last, along with a few caveats and advice for the longest possible equipment life.

The Standard Air Conditioning Lifespan Estimate

A central air conditioning system that uses ductwork can last between 10 to 15 years. In most cases, the 15-year estimate isn’t difficult to reach, and systems may even last longer than this. However, older than 15 years is when we recommend you begin thinking about scheduling a replacement, since this is the point where the AC is in danger of a rapid decline, making it both more expensive to run and at a higher danger of breaking down.

The equipment warranty from manufacturers for central air conditioners is usually 10 years, although there are some 12-year warranties. If your AC fails while under warranty, and you’ve kept it professionally maintained, you should be covered for replacement or repair costs.

Without Maintenance, An AC Lifespan Drops

We mentioned regular maintenance in the last section. This is the most important of the numerous air conditioning services in Trinity, FL when it comes to ensuring an air conditioner lasts for as many years as possible. The recommended schedule for maintenance is to have it done every spring. Although it isn’t mandatory to always have the service during spring, it must be done at least once a year. Skipping a year will cause the air conditioner to begin to age faster and rapidly accumulate wear.

An air conditioning system that lacks maintenance can see its service life cut in half. Where you might have gotten your AC to over 15 years thanks to keeping up with inspections and tune-ups, neglecting these annual services can halve the service life to only 8 years. And remember, without professional maintenance, you won’t have the warranty in place to cover the costs. You’ll end up paying for a new air conditioner installation without getting the full return on investment on your current one. There’s no “repair” more expensive than having to replace a central AC early.

We’ll Help Your AC Live a Long, Useful Life

We aren’t just an air conditioning repair company who’ll send a tech when you’ve got trouble with your cooling system. We’re in this job to help customers enjoy the best cooling around the year, so we offer our Premier Service Agreement. When you sign the agreement, you’ll have an annual system tune-up and inspection that will keep the warranty current and give the air conditioner an extended life. You’ll also enjoy discounts and priority service if you do have repair needs in the future.

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