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Get Rid of Those Window ACs! Here’s What’s Wrong With Them

ac-plastic-grillMany homes in Florida were built without ductwork, coming from a time when central air conditioning wasn’t as common as it is today. For these homes, the best way to enjoy cool air from an AC is from window units. You know them: large, boxy objects fit into an available window, with the large compressor section outside to release the heat drawn from the inside air. When window ACs were first introduced back in the 1950s, they were a revolution in making cooling available for houses.

Today, however, we have to be honest: window units have many problems—and with the availability of ductless mini split systems, they aren’t the only way to have cooling in homes without ducts. We recommend you make installing a ductless system to replace those window ACs as your next air conditioning services in New Port Richey, FL.

What’s Wrong With Window Air Conditioners?

Plenty! Here are reasons window air conditioning units are out of date and ductless systems are the better option:

Window units are limited in effectiveness

A standard window unit can provide cooling for a single, medium-sized room. Trying to cool down larger rooms, like family rooms or dining rooms, isn’t possible (even with the largest available window units) unless you purchased multiple window ACs and have enough windows for them. Cooling with window units means having to accept hot spots and lower comfort around a house.

Window units are inefficient and inconvenient

Each window AC in a house puts a large amount of demand on the electrical system. They have much lower energy-efficiency compared to centralized air conditioning systems. They also can’t be controlled centrally to allow for efficiency planning. True, you only need to cool the rooms that need it, but you get that with ductless systems as well—and you can run those with remotes.

Window units block light

For each window air conditioner in your house, say goodbye to a window. The AC takes up most of the window space and blocks light. It doesn’t make for an appealing interior.

Window units are unattractive

They don’t make for appealing exteriors either! A house studded with large, ugly compressor and grill units from numerous windows can mess up the most attractive outdoor décor.

Window units lower security

Someone wanting to break into a house couldn’t ask for an easier place to gain access than a window with an AC in it. They’re easy to pull away and allow a thief access into the house without much effort.

Window units are a problem in colder weather

Because window ACs have plastic accordion sections on the side to allow them to fit into different-sized windows, they’re gaps in the house’s thermal envelope. On cooler days, the indoor heat will easily escape through them. The only way to stop this is to remove the window ACs and put them in storage, which is a big pain.

Talk to Us About Going Ductless

A ductless mini split system is a straightforward installation for our experts, and it doesn’t require making any big changes to your house. Call to find out how ductless mini split heat pumps can make a difference for your home and let you ditch those window ACs.

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