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Fall Is Coming—Let’s Check in With Your AC

air-conditioning-unitsTampa Bay doesn’t have to brace for deep chilly weather in the winter. But the temperature does cool down and that allows air conditioning systems in homes to get a break. Not an extended vacation of months, but they won’t need to run all through the season like they do in summer.

As fall comes nearer, it’s a good idea to check in with your air conditioning system. This is to evaluate how well it’s performed, if it has any repair issues to fix, and whether it needs to be replaced before the hot weather returns.

A Summer Report Card

How would you rate your air conditioning system’s performance over the summer? Think of it as a school report card, only for summer school. If you’d give something less than a “B,” ask yourself why. Did the AC struggle to maintain the standard comfort you expect from it? Were there hot spots in some of the rooms? Were the operating bills higher than before? Is the AC making too much noise as it runs? Put the various factors together, and you’ll have a picture of why the air conditioner isn’t living up to expectations.

Schedule Repairs If the AC Needs Them

When you give your AC a low grade, it either needs to be replaced or repaired. If the system is still under warranty, look into having the system repaired. We know you may want to put this off because the weather will soon cool down. This delay is a mistake. It gives the trouble time to worsen and it risks putting you in the rotten position of having the AC fail to run the next time you need it. (And in Florida, that could be at any time during fall and winter.) Prompt repairs for an air conditioner are an important part of keeping the system working for many years.

Replacing the AC

If you’ve decided that this was the final summer for your air conditioner, you’ll need to begin thinking about what to replace it with. We recommend considering a major upgrade for your cooling system with a high-efficiency air conditioner. These systems can have SEER ratings in the 20s, where older ACs were down around 14 SEER. These systems are more expensive to install, but they have a short payback period and then many years of savings afterward.

Another option to consider is a heat pump installation in Wesley Chapel, FL. Heat pumps are basically air conditioners that can also reverse the way the work and operate as heaters. They’re ideal for our weather conditions. If you have an old electric furnace, give serious thought to replacing both your AC and heater with a heat pump this fall.

Call Us for the Help You Need

If you feel confused about what to do with your air conditioning system at the end of summer, you don’t need to worry. That’s why you have us around! Call us to examine your air conditioner. We can answer any questions you have about repair vs. replacement. We’re honest in all our dealings and always look out for our customers.

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