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Early Warning Signs You’ve Got AC Trouble

air-conditioning-systemWhen the hot Florida weather really settles in, you can expect steady work from your home’s air conditioner. If you’ve already had HVAC professionals inspect and tune it up, you can expect it to work with few problems over the season. However, you shouldn’t let indications that something might be wrong slip past you just because you were diligent about maintenance. Problems can afflict even the best cared-for air conditioning system, and the sooner you hop on getting the system repaired, the better off you—and the AC—will be.

Below are some of those early warnings that it’s time to call for professional air conditioning repair in Wesley Chapel, FL with our team.

Uneven cooling

This is a big red flag of air conditioning problems, but it’s also one that people often ignore because it only affects parts of the house. If you notice a room in the house is hotter than normal when the AC is running, you may chalk it up to extra sun in the room or not enough insulation. But uneven cooling is often a sign that the air conditioner is beginning to lose its cooling power—or maybe there are leaks in the ventilation system. Have HVAC professionals look into it before you start losing cooling in other parts of the house.

Strange sounds

What counts as a “strange sound” with an AC? Basically, anything that you don’t normally hear. An air conditioner should create a steady hum from it fan and the compressor. If you notice a large increase in noise from the system when the compressor comes on, call for repairs immediately, since the compressor could be in danger of burning out. Mechanical noises like shrieking, screeching, and clanging are also warnings. A hissing sound from the cabinet likely indicates refrigerant leaks, and this needs to be fixed right away.

Ice on the system

Here’s another problem homeowners often shrug off as just a standard side-effect of an AC. After all, an air conditioner sends out cooled air, so why shouldn’t there be some ice as a result? But ice should never appear on an AC! It indicates something is wrong with the cooling process. For some reason, the evaporator coil isn’t drawing enough heat from the indoor air, leaving the coil too cold and causing moisture to freeze along it. The trouble could be dirt in the system, a drop in airflow through the return vents, or refrigerant leaks. Call for repair experts (and don’t try to scrape the ice off on your own).

The compressor stops and starts too often

The compressor is the heart of an air conditioner: it’s where refrigerant is given the energy that causes it to circulate and move heat from inside a house. The compressor will start and stop as the interior requires cooling—but it won’t start and stop multiple times an hour. If you hear the compressor come on and turn off shortly after, then repeat the process, the compressor is short-cycling. It’s a common AC malfunction but a serious one. There are many potential causes, so get an HVAC professional on the job to find the source and have it fixed—before you have a busted compressor!

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