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Ductless Systems Can Work for Homes With Ducts: Here’s How

ductless-acCentral ducted heating and air conditioning systems only started to become common parts of home construction during the 1970s, which was when central AC became standard for homes. Older homes have often had to get by with window AC units. However, the spread of ductless heating and air conditioning systems, a.k.a. ductless mini split heat pumps, made it possible for older homes without ducts to enjoy excellent comfort throughout the house without adding any ducts. These ductless mini splits also permitted home construction without surrendering any space to putting in a ventilation system.

But when it comes to ductless heating and air conditioning in Tampa, FL, there are more uses than just to accommodate homes that have no ductwork. If you live in a house with a standard central AC and heating system, there are still ways a ductless installation can benefit you.

No, you shouldn’t abandon ductwork if you already have it

A central air conditioning and heating system for a house is one of the most effective ways to provide comfort. Although ductless systems provide many benefits, such as energy efficiency and zone control, it’s wasteful to leave ducts in place and switch over to using a ductless mini split entirely. When it’s time for a new AC/heater/heat pump installation, it’s best to stick with a ducted system.

But a ductless system can be an effective addition to your central HVAC system

Here’s an important fact: ductless mini splits don’t have to be all-or-nothing. You can have a ductless system as an addition to your standard HVAC system to tackle specific tasks. Here are examples of ways a ductless installation can benefit you:

  • Remodeling: When you plan to do an extensive remodel to parts of your house, you can skip dealing with the ductwork changes necessary and instead plan the area without ducts and use a ductless mini split to cool/heat the renovated area.
  • Add-On Rooms: If you are thinking of adding on to your house with a new bedroom, a den, a home theater, a home office, then you’ll need to connect the space to the existing ductwork. But this will throw off the existing HVAC system, which wasn’t designed to handle the extra space. Rather than make expensive changes to the HVAC system, you can have a ductless mini split installed for the new room and keep it separate from the rest of the central heating/cooling.
  • Room Conversions: Turning garages and attics into new living spaces is an efficient way to expand a house. Since these are not areas connected to the HVAC system, it’s easier to have a ductless mini split heat and cool them.
  • Eliminating Hot and Cold Spots: Are there parts of your house that are difficult to heat and cool? Most houses have at least some of these trouble spots, and using a ductless system can address multiple ones at once. (You can install up to four different indoor wall units for each outdoor unit of a ductless mini split heat pump.)

There are other uses for a ductless installation, and we’re glad to help you find the best one for your house.

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