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Don’t Trust AC Repair to Unlicensed “Technicians”

wrenchesTimes are a bit rough when it comes to arranging for important home services. As we move into summer and Florida heat continues to climb, our air conditioners are going to be points of major concern. What happens if your AC malfunctions, or breaks down entirely? Can you try to fix it yourself, or is there a shortcut with an amateur who promises to get it fixed for a low cost?

The answer to the first question is “probably not,” and to the second question is a solid “no.”

(As a reminder, we’re still open and here to help with 24-hour emergency air conditioning repair in Wesley Chapel, FL and the rest of the Tampa Bay Area. You don’t have to search hard for the help you need.)

Why Unlicensed Technicians Aren’t Trustworthy

Now more than ever, you need to have repair work for your air conditioner that gets the job done right the first time and which keeps you safe. You can’t receive a guarantee of either from an unlicensed technician.

What we mean by licensed

A licensed HVAC technician has certification from the state to perform HVAC services. To have a license, a contractor meet stringent requirements, which includes having the proper amount of insurance. This leads to the next point …

Unlicensed technicians are often uninsured

An uninsured HVAC repair person is a major risk for your home and your pocketbook. Proper coverage is what prevents you from being liable for any damage done to your house during the job or injuries to working while on-site. Anyone who’s unlicensed, no matter how apparently skilled they may be, is putting you in a potentially costly situation.

Unlicensed technicians don’t offer assurances

Amateur technicians have a habit of vanishing after they’ve completed service—usually a lackluster service that will fall apart soon. You don’t have any way to ensure you can get them back to correct what they did wrong—you’re stuck with shoddy workmanship that will require a true professional to correct.

Unlicensed technicians rarely get the best job done

Here’s a good question to ponder: If unlicensed technicians have the ability to get a job done right, why haven’t they gotten licensed? The reason is that they don’t have the ability to do the job. They make money by skimping on training, equipment, and time—and any technician who does that won’t stay licensed for long! This is a case of getting what you pay for; the unlicensed HVAC worker offers such a low price because they’ve lowered the costs necessary for actual good work. You won’t save money with their help; you’ll have to pay more to correct what they did wrong.

Unlicensed technicians won’t do the job on time

And they probably won’t show up on time either! In the Florida heat, you can’t afford an untrustworthy “repair” person who’ll be late and take too long—all to do a job that isn’t that good. You can put your full trust in our team: we’re on-time, work fast without taking shortcuts, and are fully licensed and insured.

Experience the Balanced Air, Inc. difference! Call us for AC repair service 24-hours a day in the Tampa Bay Area.

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