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Don’t Give Up on AC Maintenance Because It’s Already Summer

man-before-fan-feeling-hotWe know your central AC in Wesley Chapel, FL is already hard at work—the summer weather has already been with us for a few weeks, and now that it’s July we are full into the summer heat and humidity.

Now … did you remember to schedule professional maintenance for your air conditioning system in spring?

If you’re suddenly thinking, “Oh no, I forgot!” or you’re wondering, “Wait, I need to do that every year?” we’re glad we reminded you. It’s not too late to schedule your AC maintenance with our team. Sign up for our Premier Service Agreement and we’ll get you on the schedule right away. Not only will you receive the necessary inspection and tune-up for your air conditioning system, but you’ll also get bonuses such as priority scheduling for repairs and no overtime charges.

Misconception: AC Maintenance Can Only Be Done During a Limited Time Frame

Here’s what we don’t want you to do: decide it’s too late to bother with maintenance and take your chances through the summer. Too often homeowners choose to skip maintenance if they don’t get it done during spring because they assume that there is a time-limit for maintenance. Once they’ve gone past the spring deadline, they might as well not bother for the year.

This is false, and it can lead to unfortunate consequences for an air conditioning system. The truth is that a central air conditioner must have annual maintenance. Spring is the best season to do it because it prepares the system right before it’s needed the most and takes advantage of a slower time for HVAC technicians. It’s also easier to find a time slot for the service when the AC doesn’t need to be running. But maintenance can also be done during the summer. It can even be done during fall and winter, although we stress that it’s always better to have it done earlier.

Our point is that maintenance is an annual necessity that has no expiration date during the year. When you sign up for our Premier Service Agreement, we’ll help you keep on track with routine service.

Yes, Maintenance Is an Annual Necessity

We cannot emphasize enough how much your home’s cooling system needs yearly inspections and tune-ups. For one thing, it keeps the warranty valid. You may not have realized it, but most AC warranties will be voided without annual maintenance, and that’s a consumer protection you don’t want to lose.

But most important for you and your family’s immediate comfort and health is that maintenance reduces the chance of a major malfunction or full equipment failure during the summer. You’ll be trapped in a boiling hot house while you scramble to get repairs. We offer 24-hour emergency service, but on the hottest day of the year, there will be many such emergencies. (If you’re a member of our maintenance plan, you’ll appreciate the VIP scheduling.) You can just skip out on the emergency altogether when you have the system professionally maintained and closely checked before summer. Maintenance can’t prevent all malfunctions—just most of them.

We can help keep your air conditioner in the best shape possible. Experience the Balanced Air, Inc. difference!

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