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Have You Considered a Ductless System for Home Cooling?

air-conditioning-ductlessHow do you provide cooling for your Florida home? We know you must be using some type of AC, because our summer weather is too hot and humid to get through in comfort otherwise. But if your answer is that you use window AC units placed in different rooms around the house, then we think you need to know about ductless mini split systems. You don’t need to have ducts added to your home to enjoy powerful cooling around the house: ductless is a great way to have superior cooling at an affordable price and without disruptive construction.

How do these ductless air conditioners work?

Think of your window air conditioner. It doesn’t use ducts to work because it sends the air straight into a room through a single unit. That’s called point cooling. What a ductless AC does is use point cooling, but without a bulky indoor system that has to hang through a window and can only affect a single space at a time.

The way a ductless system does this is that it uses a single outdoor condenser—much as in a standard split system central AC—that connects to a series of small air handlers placed around the house. The air handlers are mounted on walls, and the condenser connects to them through holes in the back of the walls allowing refrigerant, condensate, and power lines to reach them. Each of these wall units contains its own blower fan and evaporator coil, so it can cool down the air and send it directly into a room.

The advantages of switching from window units to a ductless system

Getting rid of window units is overall a good idea. They’re not terribly convenient, they look ugly both inside and outside a house, they make a home less secure, they create excessive noise, and they’re inefficient. A ductless system gives you superior cooling power that can reach around to multiple rooms—each outdoor unit can handle 4 to 8 indoor units. You can still control which rooms receive cooling and you don’t have to add any ducts, but you essentially have a central cooling system.

There are other benefits as well: most ductless mini splits are heat pumps rather than cooling only. You can use the ductless system to provide your home with heat during the mild winters. The energy efficiency of ductless mini splits in heating mode is much better than that of an electric furnace, so you can save money around the year if your home doesn’t use natural gas. Even in cooling mode, a ductless system has improved efficiency even compared to a standard ducted system: they don’t lose or gain heat because of ducts.

Ductless Mini Split Services

If you are interested in a ductless system in Clearwater, FL for your home, we’re the trusted contractor in the Tampa Bay Area to call. Our service philosophy is one of honesty, integrity, and caring. We’ll see to your personal comfort needs and respond quickly and professionally. We treat you like family!

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