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AC Not Working? Let’s Troubleshoot It First


It’s already quite hot and we can only expect to see temperatures climb higher this summer in Florida. It’s great to have a working air conditioning system to keep you cool…

Wait … your AC isn’t working? That’s no fun. In fact, it may be a serious emergency. The good news is that you can call our team for air conditioning repair in St. Petersburg, FL—we have 24-hour emergency service available—and get the help you need.

Before you do that, we recommend you go through some troubleshooting steps. We’ve frequently come to help homeowners with faulty ACs and found the actual problem was something quite basic. We want to help you avoid an unnecessary service call, so below we’re going to look at what you can do to troubleshoot your AC in case you only have a minor issue.

Check the thermostat.

Sometimes the problem can be traced back to an error in setting the thermostat, or maybe someone in the house changed the settings without you knowing about it. Make sure the thermostat is set to “cool” instead of “fan only” mode. Then verify that the program settings are properly configured.

Check the electrical panel.

Overworked motors in the AC unit can trigger a circuit breaker in the electrical panel to trip. If you find the breaker for the AC was tripped, reset it and try the AC again. If the air conditioner turns back on and seems to run fine, you’re probably good. However, if the breaker continues to trip, then there’s either something wrong with the air conditioner or the electrical panel. 

Replace the air filter.

The filter for your HVAC system needs regular changes, usually every one to three months. If you’ve left the filter in for too long, it will become so clogged that it creates issues for the AC, such as lowering the amount of air it can cool and causing the system to overheat. Change the current filter to a clean one to see if this improves the system’s performance. 

Clean and clear the outdoor condenser.

The outside condenser cabinet needs to have a clear space of about a foot on all sides so it can properly exhaust heat. See if the condenser cabinet is excessively dirty or if trees and branches have grown close to it. Clear all obstructions and then use a hose on low pressure to clean off the cabinet’s exterior. 

Now it’s time to call the professionals.

You’ve finished all the troubleshooting steps, but you and your family are still sweating in the heat. Time to call our technicians for air conditioner repairs! (Please don’t try any repairs on your own, as you risk causing further damage and you may void the warranty on the AC.)

You can rely on our dependable team. They’ll investigate the trouble with your AC, identify the malfunction, and find the solution to get your cooling restored. We’re small enough to know your name, but large enough to respond quickly and professionally to any air conditioning needs you may have.

If you’ve got a failed AC, reach out to us for repairs and “Experience the Balanced Air difference!”

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