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Wesley Chapel, FL AC Installation & Replacement

An air conditioning system isn’t optional in the Wesley Chapel, FL summer weather—or at many other times of the year. But not just any AC will can cool down a house, and not just any contractor can deliver a great air conditioner installation. You’ve found the right experienced contractor who can provide the air conditioning services—including AC installation and replacement—that will keep your home cool.

At Balanced Air, Inc., we take pride in doing jobs with integrity, honesty, and thorough professionalism. Our dedication to quality has made us a Class A air conditioning contractor for the State of Florida. You can trust us to select the right new air conditioner to meet the comfort needs of you and your family, and we’ll install the new cooling system right the first time. We're licensed, insured, and staffed with some of the most skilled HVAC technicians in the state. 

We’ve served the Wesley Chapel and Tampa Bay Area since 1988. Let us handle your cooling needs!

Not All Cooling Systems Are Right for Your House

Because air conditioning systems do most of their work out of sight, most homeowners only think about the cool air they receive from them. This makes it easy to imagine that most cooling systems are essentially alike and it’s not tough to find a new one.

But ACs are complex machines, and there are many types and sizes on the market. If you try to pick your own air conditioner or leave the AC service to an amateur, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a system that won’t fully cool your house, wastes energy, and fails early.

Any air conditioning service should come from licensed professionals. To install a new AC, a professional must locate an air conditioner with sufficient cooling power for the home but one that isn’t too powerful that it will drain energy. The professional will consider many factors about the home to make sure they install the ideal new AC—one that will work for many years at high energy efficiency.

Different Air Conditioner Types

The most basic type of AC people have in their homes is a central air conditioner "split system," which uses indoor and outdoor cabinets and ductwork. This is not the only option available. We install ductless mini splits, which offer cooling without the need for space-consuming ductwork. This is an excellent choice for smaller or older homes without the room for ducts. We also install heat pumps, which work like split system ACs, except they can switch the direction they operate so they work as heaters when necessary.

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The Best AC Services From the Wesley Chapel, FL Experts

Balanced Air, Inc. takes air conditioning service seriously because we know our customers take it seriously. Nobody in Wesley Chapel, FL wants to be trapped with a bad AC on a hot, humid day. We treat all our customers the way we want to be treated, and we work to create beneficial relationships.

We’re small enough to know your name, but large enough to tackle problems fast and accurately. In all our dealings, we place a premium on honesty—when we’re helping you with a new air conditioning installation, we won’t upsell you or use hidden charges or other shady practices. We’re the HVAC technicians you can trust!